Thank you for choosing your new family member from Animal Protection UA

We'd be delighted to help you make the right match. You are saving a life when you adopt a dog, cat or other animal. You should fill the application form and send it to our Adoption Specialist. Your application will be reviewed. After we look over your request, we will consult with you about the pet you'd like to adopt and tell you more about him or her. APU may arrange for a home visit to help you be prepared to meet the animal`s needs. If the matchup between you and your new pet is socially and environmentally correct, the adoption process is completed and your pet can get settled in their new home. Our adopting service is totally free through donations.

Post-Adoption Benefits
If you’ve adopted a pet from Animal Protection UA , we encourage you to take advantage of these benefits:
For the first 15 days following your adoption, we care for adopted animals in our medical center. An adoption counselor will provide any adopter with specific details on what medical services are covered. We offer low-cost, high-quality veterinary care to all animals—including pets not adopted here.Our quality veterinarian team provides all the services you would expect from a private veterinary practice, and when you visit us, not only do you receive low-cost pet care, but proceeds help support our mission to save lives.