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Find out how you can help us today. Put your compassion into action

Whatever your skills and however long you want to volunteer for, you can help us with all kinds of different projects and support animals all over the world in Kiev and Ukraine.


Animal Care Volunteers

Animal care volunteers help with socializing, training, grooming and promoting animals available for adoption. Volunteer for 3 hours once a week to help adoptable pets practice good manners, socialize, learn something new, and put their best paws, claws and personalities forward. Children 13-16 years of age may submit applications along with a parent or guardian.
Animal care volunteers must attend an orientation before volunteering.

Community Outreach Volunteers

Love people as much as you love animals? The Animal Protection UA gets invited to many pet fairs, parades and community days and we can always use helpful ambassadors. Spread the word about our organization and educate people about our services. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to get involved.


Submit a volunteer application to get started.

Help From Home

There are so many ways you can help animals right from your home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pads for Pets:

Do you love to sew? If so, we would love your help to make pets beds for adoptable and adopted pets. You can easily turn donated blankets, sheets, mattress pads and pillow cases into comfy pads for pets. Pet Pad Sizes what we do need:
- Cat Pad 22″ x 15 ½”
- Small Dog Pad 26” x 16 ½”
- Medium Dog Pad 36 x 21 ¾”
- Large Dog Pad 46 x 31 ½”

As well we are accepting all physical donations – wetdry pet food, medicine, toys, books etc. If you have valuable stuff, what you don’t need – send it to us, we need absolutely everything.

You can send them directly to our organization office. For more information


Working online

We need volunteers from everywhere to help us to promote, develop our non-profit organization and finding the funds for sick animals. We don’t have much people to work online, but really need them.

The informational support is important as physical donations!
Requirements — to speak English well and to have Internet access. For us doesn’t matter your previous experience, age, gender and education level. You need just to have a wish to help the animals in need.

Spaying and Neutering.

Perhaps most importantly spread the word about the importance of spay/neuter and animal adoptions! Pet over-population is wide spread community issue. No one person is the sole cause but many people can be part of the solution. Ask people to please spay and neuter their pets, cats especially. Every summer, shelters across the Ukraine see an influx of kittens that compete with adult cats for homes. Every un-altered pet can contribute as many as 10-15 offspring yearly to the pet overpopulation problem. Prevention is worth a pound of cure. Help raise money to help a friend or neighbor get their pet spayed or neutered.

Download this educational flyer about the benefits of spaying and neutering.


Donate stuff

Walk around your home and collect items you and your family no longer need, because we need almost everything. Zoo`s, shelters and rescue groups go through a lot of pet food and cat litter every day. You can buy pet food in bulk at wholesale stores and donate: Wet dog/cat food, Dry dog/cat food

Clumping cat litter, Non-clay cat litter (for kittens and post-op cats), Dog/cat treats, Medicine, Building materialssupplies, stuff for the office etc.

We are passing all donated stuff through low-income pet owners and private shelters.
You can drop-off your donation in our office or send it by the Post Service.